Friday, July 30, 2010

Happy Friday!

Well here I am at 33 weeks and 3 days, is it over yet??? I do find myself saying "its hot in here" an awful lot lately. My poor husband tries to be understanding but with the A/C on full blast in the car he starts turning into a popsicle. The crib and mattress came and although it took a couple hours to get it together it looks beautiful. Now I just need to get a dust ruffle and some curtains to make it look complete.

This weekend is an in person cloth diaper workshop hosted by a local mom who owns and runs My husband and I are going to attend together and he will get his first taste of prefolds. We have both been leery of them and are hoping that some hands on practice will help us with confidence before we order a bunch for our little one.

Those of you who cloth diaper, what covers do you find work best for a newborn? I have heard good things about Thirsties XS covers. What about the duos, I don't want anything too bulky but I'd like to get something he can wear for more than 2 weeks as well. Know what I mean?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

32 weeks

I can't believe how fast time is flying!!! We just ordered the crib and baby monitor last night. I am excited to get his room all set up. so far it just has his dresser and a glider along with all of the clothes and gifts we got at the shower. I also ordered some cloth diaper laundry detergent today. I am hoping that I can get all of his clothes and diapers prepped soon just in case he decides to make an early appearance. Lets all cross our fingers that he stays put until September. :)

Speaking of cloth diapers, I am attending an online cloth diaper workshop today. You can attend live or view it later, it is hosted by babykicks.

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

31 weeks

Only 9 weeks to go! Some of the lovely 3rd trimester symptoms are starting to kick in like acid reflux, swollen feet, and leg cramps but all in all I'm doing pretty well. I have had the weirdest sleep though. On most nights I wake up around 3am, go to the bathroom and then can't fall back asleep. I usually toss and turn for an hour or 2 before giving in and having something to eat but even then I still have trouble falling back asleep until around 6am. These 3 hour nightly blocks are becoming more of the norm and leave me pretty sleep the next day. I try not to nap as to not perpetuate the cycle but sometimes I am so exhausted that I can't resist.

Anyway, my 30 week doctors appointment went well. She said my belly was measuring 2 cms ahead (32cm rather than 30cm) so they went ahead and did an ultrasound to make sure he was growing on schedule. He is, he was only measuring a few days ahead, so that is good. We didn't get very good photos but there was one where the doctor said he looked like a bunny. So cute! So I will include it with this post. Hope everyone is having a good week!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Cloth Diapers

So maybe I'm a nerd but it felt a little like Christmas when the mail man knocked on my door and presented me with 2 packages. One contained 10 Bummis cloth wipes which I had won in a blog giveaway. The other was 3 LolliDoo diapers which I recently ordered. I had won a 50% off discount coupon a while back so I got a great deal on these diapers. They are made out of super soft fleece which happens to be made from recycled water bottles. A super cute and pretty cool product. I have actually been building up my diaper "stash" for several months with all types of different cloth diapers. I would like to try out the different types and see what works for us. Many people swear by prefolds and covers for newborns because they go so often but I am a little apprehensive. We are going to a cloth diapering workshop at the end of the month and hopefully they can help me build my confidence. I bought a couple of snappis and have been trying to practice with them by dishtowel diapering Tickle Me Elmo. So far I haven't really gotten the hang of it and Elmo continues to mock me as I fail. :)

I had my baby shower this past weekend (more on that later) and my sister and I thought it would be cute to decorate with the cloth diapers I have. A couple of my friends who didn't know that I had planned to cloth diaper (some of which are moms) asked me questions about it and seems pretty supportive and interested. My mother and MIL on the other hand were not. My mom took one look at the diapers (all of which were pockets or AIOs) and said "I give it a week". My mother in law, who actually cloth diapered 2 out of 4 of her babies was also strongly against it. When I first told her months ago that we planned to cloth diaper she tried to talk me out of it because it was so much work and mess. I tried to tell her that cloth diapering has changed a lot since she did it in the 80s. She didn't want to hear it. So at the shower when she kept calling my diapers "plastic pants" I tried to show them to her and how easy they were. She went on and on about how much laundry they would be, and how they wouldn't fit under any of his clothes. I showed her how easy the Aplix ones were and her only response was that he would figure out the velcro and pull them off. Last time I checked disposable diapers are just as easy to get off. She insisted that he would use disposables when he comes to visit her. I really hope both my mom and MIL will come around and realize that cloth diapers are easy and that we are making the right decision to CD our baby.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Buzz on by Thursday

So now that I have a new blog design I've decided this blog needs some followers! Today I am participating in a blog hop, Buzz on by Thursday, which is hosted by the ladies over at by Fashionably Organized and The Two Savvy Sisters. Thanks to these blogs for hosting and to all my new and current followers. Hopefully I can build up some followers so I can start doing my giveaways soon. Happy Thursday and have a safe July 4th weekend everyone!

The Two Savvy Sisters