Tuesday, July 13, 2010

31 weeks

Only 9 weeks to go! Some of the lovely 3rd trimester symptoms are starting to kick in like acid reflux, swollen feet, and leg cramps but all in all I'm doing pretty well. I have had the weirdest sleep though. On most nights I wake up around 3am, go to the bathroom and then can't fall back asleep. I usually toss and turn for an hour or 2 before giving in and having something to eat but even then I still have trouble falling back asleep until around 6am. These 3 hour nightly blocks are becoming more of the norm and leave me pretty sleep the next day. I try not to nap as to not perpetuate the cycle but sometimes I am so exhausted that I can't resist.

Anyway, my 30 week doctors appointment went well. She said my belly was measuring 2 cms ahead (32cm rather than 30cm) so they went ahead and did an ultrasound to make sure he was growing on schedule. He is, he was only measuring a few days ahead, so that is good. We didn't get very good photos but there was one where the doctor said he looked like a bunny. So cute! So I will include it with this post. Hope everyone is having a good week!