Friday, July 30, 2010

Happy Friday!

Well here I am at 33 weeks and 3 days, is it over yet??? I do find myself saying "its hot in here" an awful lot lately. My poor husband tries to be understanding but with the A/C on full blast in the car he starts turning into a popsicle. The crib and mattress came and although it took a couple hours to get it together it looks beautiful. Now I just need to get a dust ruffle and some curtains to make it look complete.

This weekend is an in person cloth diaper workshop hosted by a local mom who owns and runs My husband and I are going to attend together and he will get his first taste of prefolds. We have both been leery of them and are hoping that some hands on practice will help us with confidence before we order a bunch for our little one.

Those of you who cloth diaper, what covers do you find work best for a newborn? I have heard good things about Thirsties XS covers. What about the duos, I don't want anything too bulky but I'd like to get something he can wear for more than 2 weeks as well. Know what I mean?


Anonymous said...

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Living the Scream said...

Thanks for the follow! I am following you back and good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!! The last part is the hardest by far!!!!

Victoria said...

I don't have any cloth diaper advice because I dropped the ball on that. Your blog is so cute, I love the duckies!

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Anonymous said...

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Lolo @ Crazy About My Baybah said...

I have no advice on the cloth diapers. I was also thinking about starting to use them myself.
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Carolee said...

LOL-it's been a LONG time since I had to use diapers, but I did use cloth for a couple of my kids- for a while...

I eventually went to disposables- too much washing w/ cloth or else you have to pay someone to cart them away.

Although I am "greener" these days, so if I did it over, I may stick with cloth.

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