Saturday, June 5, 2010

100 days to go!

Wow, how time has flown. Little t is only 100 days away from his due date. We got a countdown clock for Christmas a couple of years ago. Back in January when we first found out I was pregnant, we set it to little t's due date. At that time it still had 250 days to go. Since then, it has been in our living room reminding us daily of the time we have left before our little one joins our family. Some days I look at it and just cannot wait for it to be at zero, other days it is a source of stress as I realize how fast the past months have gone by and how much we still have left to get done before his arrival. My husband has been anxious about tomorrow for weeks, because tomorrow it drops into the double digits. He too is always thinking about the seemingly endless list of things to be done before baby arrives. We have been slowly knocking things off the list. We completed our baby registry last weekend which was a relief. Although, the nursery still needs curtains, some wall decorations and most importantly the crib. I know we will make it to the finish line as ready as any new parents can be.